EmEditor 12.0.11

Emurasoft, Inc. (Shareware)

EmEditor Professional is an application developed by Emurasoft that is used for editing text files. The application supports different macros using programming language such as VBScript and JavaScript. Scripts used for this software are similar with Window Scripting or HTML. Users who are familiar using HTML script language will find it easy to adapt using macros. Macro is defined as the rule in directing an input sequence in line with replacement of character sequence in a certain procedure or process. Aside from macros, the software also supports large file formats and unicodes.  The application has a playback feature that record macros and as well as key strokes of the user. This feature enables the user to manipulate Window-based files, application and different network functions. Emeditor Professional also makes use of macros for Windows Scripting Host engine that has a capability to use robust objects for scripting.

Emeditor has been awarded for Best Application Category under Shareware Industry Award. According to, this software is considered as the fastest text editor which supports native 32-bit and 64-bit builds. The objective of the developer of this software is to provide extraordinary customer support which includes educational institutions, big corporations and government bodies all over the world that needs editing solution for text files.