EMDB Application 1.66

Wicked & Wild Inc. (Freeware)

The EMDB Application keeps tracks of the user’s movie collection. With the program, users can add other information about the titles in the movie collection including the director, the year it was released, actors and actresses, and the official movie poster. The information is automatically retrieved from IMDB (Internet Movie Database). To search for information, type the title of the movie on the search box and click the ‘Search IMDB’ button. The search results will be displayed immediately. Users can choose from the results list and the information will be added to the movie library.

The library can be displayed in bookshelf viewing mode where the movies are displayed as movie posters. Users can manually edit the movie information, such as the title, spoken language, cast, sources, features, locations, and the plot outline. Star ratings from one to ten can be added, too. The EMDB Application has a Filter feature for displaying seen movies, TV series, standard definition movies, high definition movies, etc.

The options window shows a list of settings that can be configured. Some of which are general settings, exporting and printing, Internet settings, file import, appearance, and database. Movie information can be exported as a text file, HTML, or csv file.