EMCO WakeOnLan Free 1.3

EMCO Software (Freeware)

EMCO WakeOnLan Free is an application that lets users power up network computers with just one mouse click. It is able to automate all of the Wake-on-LAN operations, from detecting and collecting MAC addresses of remote computers to sending Wake-on-LAN packets to multiple computers in parallel. This application can be utilized in any kind of network.

This free application provides users with the ability to obtain a list of computers from the Active Directory. They can also scan a particular workgroup in order to detect and locate the available computers. As the scanning process in in progress, the application extracts the MAC addresses from the computers that have been powered on. It makes use of four methods of MAC address detection for greater efficiency. In addition, users can select computers to send them a Wake-on-LAN signal so that these can be powered up remotely.

To reduce wake-up time, the Wake-on-LAN is commenced on multiple computers at the same time. Users can configure the EMCO WakeOnLan Free utility to employ directed broadcast, unicast, standard broadcast, and other Wake-on-LAN transmission methods to wake up network computers over subnets.

Aside from the MAC addresses, users can also view other information on the detected machines, including the NIC vendor, container, group, and name. Custom groups can be created.