EMCO Network Inventory 5.8.7

EMCO (Shareware)

EMCO Network Inventory is an application that enables users to collect up-to-date information about the software and hardware components of all the computers in a network for auditing and inventory purposes. It can function in automatic mode so users can be sure that their network inventory is always up-to-date. Users will have detailed information on which computers in their network lack free space, how many software licenses are required, or which desktops need anti-virus applications.

The starter edition of EMCO Network Inventory has four main functions:
• PC Inventory – the application does a thorough check of all remote computers and extracts the hardware and software audit information from them without requiring users to go to each PC on the network
• Software Inventory – the application checks all of the installed programs in the remote computers to give users an overview of used applications, verify license compliance, and get the most out of upgrades. Network administrators can also check for forbidden applications and resources installed on PCs.
• Hardware Inventory – users can see the information about the hardware configuration of each computer on the network so they can plan and implement upgrades.
• Inventory Report – users can generate network inventory reports using built-in templates that can be designed and customized according to user preferences. The reports can be saved in popular document formats.