EMCO Network Inventory Enterprise 5.8.7

EMCO (Shareware)

EMCO Network Inventory Enterprise is a program that provides users with the ability to audit and keep track of the software and hardware components of all the computers in a network. This application scans the system registry of all remote computers to retrieve detailed information for inventory purposes, such as the installed applications, system settings, and software licenses. This inventory tool displays the collected information in tree view, which allows for easier and faster navigation. Users will be able to view a summary sheet for each corresponding workstation, which contains the details on system configuration, installed programs, and hardware specifications.

The Enterprise edition lets network administrators generate a centralized database using SQL. It has a built-in SQL query creator so users can get an overview of all components and configurations so they can easily identify or locate missing or unused resources.

With this application, users can also manage monitors and data sources. Network managers can view the running processes on each workstation and manage user accounts. From the extracted information, users can generate reports and export these to various formats. EMCO Network Inventory Enterprise is ideal for auditing large networks so that IT managers can plan when to upgrade hardware and renew the licenses of the installed programs in the different computers in a network.