EMBASSY Security Center

Wave Systems Corp. (Proprietary)

EMBASSY Security Center is a utility program that enables users to manage their computer’s security features. This program provides a centralized console where users can configure the settings for various security applications installed in their desktop or laptop computers. With EMBASSY Security Center, users can easily control and configure their security applications without having to open the individual programs. EMBASSY Security Center allows users to manage their Trusted Platform Modules (TPM), and Self-Encrypting Devices (SED), which is hardware security features that is pre-installed in most personal computers, laptops, or tablets. These features are used to apply advanced security and authentication functions without the need to assign passwords for files, folders, applications, network settings, and user accounts. In addition to these, EMBASSY Security Center provides tools used to activate and configure settings for tools such as fingerprint scanners, password managers, security chips, and backup devices.

EMBASSY Security Center features a simple user interface that contains two display tabs. The first tab is the Welcome tab where users can access tools such as fingerprint management, TPM security key backup, and TPM security chip status. This page also contains tools used in providing guides and tips for new users, checking the Internet for updates, and registering the product. The next tab is the About tab where users can view detailed information about the program. In addition, EMBASSY Security Center provides a tool panel where users can access the TPEs, Windows Login, Reboot Manager, Passwords, and Archives and Restore points.