Elven Legacy: Siege

1C:Ino-Co (Shareware)

Elven Legacy: Siege is the middle chapter in the Elven Legacy Trilogy expansion pack. Elven Legacy is a turn-based strategy game, which gives players a limit on the number of moves one can make in a turn. Individual and group units are given commands on where to go and when to attack enemy units. After the player runs out of moves, the other players take their turn. Elven Legacy gives players two moves per turn: one to go to a place, and another to attack.

In this chapter of the trilogy, the player is taken to a time several months after the events of the first chapter, Ranger. During this time, outcast elves threat to cross into human territory. The elves are under the leadership of Saggitel, an elven lord. When his constituents incited the wrath of the human knight and the ranger Cornelius, Saggitel has to make a decision: to flee or stay and face the humans’ retribution.

This chapter in the Elven Legacy Trilogy features 19 new campaign missions. The order of their completion will have an effect on what will happen as the game progresses. Aside from the new missions, the game also features 3 new heroes and 2 different armies to interact with.