Elven Legacy: Ranger

1C:Ino-Co (Shareware)

Elven Legacy: Ranger is the first installment in the Elven Legacy Trilogy expansion pack. Elven Legacy is a turn-based strategy game in which the player moves his or her units through maps by instructing them where to go and when to attack. The units may represent an individual or a group. When the player runs out of moves, the other players (online players or the computer) take their turn. The story of Elven Legacy tells about the looming threat on the Elven race, imposed by a human mage. A forbidden knowledge of the Elves must be protected, and it is up to the player to do so.

Ranger, the first of the trilogy, continues the tale of the Elves as they battle against humans. This story follows a ranger named Cornelius who is tasked to prepare the world of Illis for the arrival of the Order of Marcus. Cornelius has in his possession a holy spear that has a special power. As the Ranger Cornelius, players can use the spear’s special attributes without losing their turn. This game features 16 new campaign missions. Missions do not have to be completed one after the other, but the order of completing them will affect what will happen in the game. In addition to the new missions, the game also features 3 new heroes, 12 new spells, and 5 unique artifacts to collect.