Elven Legacy: Magic

1C:Ino-Co (Proprietary)

Elven Legacy: Magic is the concluding chapter in the Elven Legacy Trilogy expansion pack. Elven Legacy is a turn-based strategy game that requires players to plan their moves well, because each turn gives the player only a certain number of moves. Once the player runs out of moves, the other online players (or the computer, if offline) take their turn. In this chapter, a dark and demonic energy brought about by the death of the demon Farrakh is beginning to envelop the world, reaching the free city of Sylent. The Holy Inquisition intervenes to prevent the world from chaos and despair.

This story follows the character Alfred Brennock, Sylent’s Archmage. He is the only one who has a mastery of the arcane arts, thus making him the only one who can save the lives of the people. To do this and save the world from evil, the Archmage Brennock summons legions of magical specters, goes on a long arduous journey, and creates powerful spells.

The Elven Legacy: Magic chapter features new magical artifacts and spells, and additional tactical possibilities in attacks. The game also includes a bonus mission along with 15 new mission campaigns. As the story progresses, the players will encounter a new hero and get to reunite with some older heroes who played important roles in the previous chapters of the trilogy.