Ella's Adventures

SplashFoxGames (Shareware)

Ella's Adventures is a hidden object game in which players help Ella and her friend Steve on their quest to reach the legendary land of Atlantis. The ultimate treasure they want to find is the Diamond Eye, said to be found only in Atlantis. To be able to accomplish their goal, Ella and Steve must go on a journey across continents and through different locations. Along the way, they must find medallions hidden in ancient temples, as well as solve puzzling riddles.

The different locations contain scenes in which different objects must be found. The objects are listed at the right side of the game window, and players must click on it when they locate it in the scene. When found, the object will be removed from the list. The game offers players hints when they are having difficulty finding an object. Players are given a limited amount of time to find objects in a scene.

There are five main stages in the game: East, Aztecs, Egypt, Greenland, and finally, Atlantis. There are 23 different scenes in which players must locate the hidden objects. Aside from the hidden object scenes, the game also lets users play mini-games. To help users advance in the story, the game provides power-ups and an animated map.