Electronics Workbench

National Instruments (Freeware)

Electronics Workbench is a program suite used in creating circuit board design schematics and conducting circuit simulation. It contains applications that enable users to make PCB layouts, schematic capture, auto routing, and simulation-ready circuits. Circuit simulation allows users to test and observe schematic functions and see errors prior to finalization, so that these may be corrected accordingly. This package has a number of utilities, including the following:

• Power and Machine Components – designers can make use of parameterized direct current motors, step signal generators, and switches
• Multisim – this tool contains a database of models used in power simulation. The database is extensive and includes models for switch mode power supplies, motion control, AC/DC converters, and other devices.
• Multisim Snippets – Multisim is a utility within the program suite that allows users to embed circuit diagram images on webpages. Teachers may use this tool to assign circuit board design homework problems and send these via email.
• LabView – simulation for analog and digital closed-loop objects may be done using this tool in conjunction with Multisim.
• Connector Symbols – there are over 90 pin-accurate connector symbols for users to choose from. The connectors can be used for creating single-board RIO.

Xilinx field-programmable gate array (FPGA) tools may be used with Electronics Workbench, particularly the Multisim program.