Electronics Assistant 4.31

Electronics 2000 (Freeware)

Electronics Assistant is a calculating tool that is best used for various electronics related functions and values. It was created for the primary usage of students. Because of this, the interface has been developed in such a way that even non-technical users will find the program easy to manipulate. It comes with a collection of tools that can be used during the building phase of various electronics projects. It is not only meant to be used in this fashion as it is also considered to be a learning device for those who are undertaking the subject of electronics programming in school.

Available for free from Electronics 2000, Electronics Assistant is a standalone program that comes complete with a series of electronics computing tools which include the following:
• Color code calculator
• Resistor and capacitor
• Divider calculator

The interface is simple. The different tools are arranged in categories making it even easier for program users to manipulate. As per computing option, specific values can be entered and applied resulting in more accurate calculations that can then be saved for future reference. All calculations done with the use of the Electronics Assistant program are simplified thereby making each step easier to understand and analyze. Precise computations are provided to program users with minimum effort.