Electronic Piano 2.5 2.5

Mauricio Antunes Oliveira (Freeware)

Electronic Piano 2.5 is a small application that lets users play musical notes and basic tunes on their computers. It is easy to use and provides users with a number of instruments and sounds to play using their computer keyboard. It is ideal for users of all skill levels and does not require knowledge of MIDI technology to enjoy. It supports a wide range of various sound styles, enabling users to play different musical instruments such as a trumpet, guitar, harmonica, violin, bass, organ, and cello. To be precise, it contains 128 musical instruments in MIDI standard, as well as 47 drum sounds.

Aside from traditional instruments, this application also has a special effects section that provides users with the sounds of applause, gun shots, a helicopter, and typewriters. Users can combine the sound of multiple instruments and play 12 chord types with a single key. Guitar chords can be played using the six-string simulation, and users can also select melodies, piano chords, and octaves.

The program interface shows a note chart so users can see what they are playing. In the main settings part, they can see the specific instrument being played, the octave, and the sound volume. The piano keys are also displayed along with the corresponding keyboard key.