Elecard MPEG2 Player

Elecard (Proprietary)

The Elecard MPEG2 Player is a piece of software that comes pre-installed in the Codec SDK G4 program bundle of the Elecard Company and serves the purpose of providing its users with a multimedia playback system for MPEG2 and lower quality video files. This is not a standalone program and cannot be obtained separately from the software bundle.

When it comes to the Elecard MPEG2 Player, the company also provides a series of codecs to increase file playback compatibility across platforms. The user interface is quite simple not to mention straightforward. It looks and functions like traditional media players but is a bit more simplified making it ideal for everyone.

Users that rely on the Elecard MPEG2 Player have the ability to play any type of video file for as long as the quality is lower than that of a standard MPEG2 movie. This means that the player can easily function with AVI, MOV, MPEG, and similar data files. Because the player was designed for MPEG2 playback, users should expect playback of a slightly lower quality. Although videos are not shown with high definition features, this does not mean that users will end up with blurred out or low pixel quality videos.