Elecard MPEG Player 6.0.130902

Elecard (Shareware)

Elecard MPEG player is a software program that allows users to decode and play video files in various formats. Some of the files supported by this program include AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, and ASF among others, as well as M3U playlists. Its simple and straightforward user interface can be easily navigated by both old and new users. Video files can be drag and dropped into the program in order to playback or create playlists. Users can also open a browser window to add files. The playlist display can be customized in a variety of ways – items can be toggled and file information can be shown. Users can also configure certain settings such as video speed and graph appearance.

Regular playback functions like video stop, pause, and resume, as well as volume control are included on the program’s interface. Users are also able to switch the window to full screen and choose subtitles, audio streams, and video streams. Clicking on the “Settings” button reveals other controls for minimizing the program, disabling it from running, modifying keyboard shortcuts, selecting interface skins, and resetting the program to its default settings among others. This program automatically displays the correct aspect ratio for the video, and the compatible video card supports YUV overlay.