EIOffice 6.0.0577.101

Wuxi Evermore SoftWare, Inc. (Shareware)

EIOffice or Evermore Integrated Office is an application pack designed and released by Wuxi Evermore Software (Yozosoft) in 2009. This application pack is an Office Suite that provides similar functions to Microsoft Office. EIOffice provides individual applications that include a word processor, spreadsheet program, slide show presentation editor, and macro editor. EIOffice Word Processor allows users to type in and edit text for different types of documents. This program contains various font styles, formatting styles, templates, as well as features for adding and editing graphic elements included in a document. Users may add images, charts, and graphs to  their document file using these features. Another program in the EIOffice Office Suite the EIOffice Spreadsheet program, which allows users to make basic or advanced calculations using different formulas and expressions in their workbook. This program also includes features used to generate graphs, charts, perform data analysis, insert hyperlinks, and set parameters for raw data inputs. In addition to these, EIOffice Office Suite also has a Slide Show creator that is equipped with a variety of templates, themes, graphic elements, animation, and transitions to assist users in creating their slide show presentation.

Each EIOffice Office Suite application features a basic layout for its user interface. Each program is composed of a main menu that includes commands used to open and save files and projects, an array of toolbars that contains tools used to execute actions within the program, and a workspace where users can work on their document, spreadsheet data, and slide show projects. EIOffice Office Suite also utilizes the window interface, which enables users to open multiple projects simultaneously.