eIMAGE Recovery 3.0

OctaneSoft Ltd. (Shareware)

eImage Recovery is an application primarily used for recovering and restoring corrupted image files. Its "smart algorithm" focuses on graphic files within the user’s system . This means when recovering data from computers, memory cards, and flash drives, it identifies which files are images and which are not. Supported image formats include JPEG, BMP, and GIF. It can also recover some types of files that are camera-specific. People with compatible cameras can use the software to recover data from their devices.

The application's user interface first displays a wizard interface, which guides the user in every step of the recovery process. To use the program, the user first needs to select the computer drive where the corrupted image file is located. The program scans the program after selecting which file types it should browse through during the scan process. There are two ways to scan the drives. The quick scan allows scanning for deleted files. The full scan also looks for content that is already corrupted, hidden, or lost. Another unique feature is the program's ability to format a drive. When this is done, all the data in the drive is deleted. The program can also lets the user see how much of the scan process is completed.