Eight Remix XP 2.10

NiwradSoft (Freeware)

EightXP improves the graphic interface of Windows XP to mimic that of Windows 8. When using this, it will replace a large resource in the computer. This resource includes icons, animations, and images that originated from Windows 8. While it will modify Windows XP’s appearance, it will not modify the operation of the PCs. This is a handy tool for people who are tired of the appearance of their Windows XP computer. A user who is not satisfied of the software can also just safely uninstall the product.

Eight Remix XP’s installer includes all the resources that can be installed. These resources are the boot screen, the logon screen, the screensaver and the Aero color scheme. Aero is the name of the style of Windows 7 wherein the user can see what’s behind the toolbar. In addition to these items are the various sounds associated with Windows 8. Eight Remix XP will make a Windows XP computer’s desktop look like that of Windows 8. Among its feature s are nice wallpapers, background and themes.

Other items and objects that Eight Remix XP can improve on a Windows XP computer are the following:

• Fonts
• Skins
• Wallpapers
• Screensavers
• Backgrounds