Egyptian Ball

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Egyptian Ball is a 3D brick-breaker game. In this game, players must destroy Egyptian-style temples using a ball. At the beginning of each level, the ball rests on a horizontal bat. Players click the left mouse button to release the ball into the temple structures to destroy them. Players must catch the ball and bounce it back to the bricks until all of the bricks are destroyed. When all of the bricks are gone, players advance to the next level.

When destroyed, some of the bricks release power-ups that can help players break bricks faster. Players must catch these with their bat in order to activate them. Some of these are the following:
• Hammer – the cursor changes into a hammer, which can be used to break structures by clicking the left mouse button.
• Barrier – this puts a wall behind the bat which, which bounces balls back when the player misses catching them.
• Arbalest – this adds a crossbow to the bat. When players click the left mouse button, the arbalest shoots arrows to destroy bricks.
• Super ball – this turns the blue ball into a red one, with more breaking power.
• 3-way split – this splits the ball into three, which helps in breaking bricks faster.

The other power-ups include a larger bat, a ballista, and an extra life. Players must be careful not to catch dangerous power-downs, which may make the balls speed up or shorten the length of the bat.