PopCap Games, Inc. (Shareware)

Eggsucker is a shooter game where players are tasked to be in charge of oviraptors who want to play with their colored eggs. Players can shoot eggs from the slingshot located the bottom part of the game window. The goal is to shoot the same colored eggs that are slowly coming down from the top of the window. Shooting the same colored eggs eliminates them from the board. While shooting, players must also prevent the eggs from reaching the bottom of the screen. Each level is timed, so players must eliminate all the eggs from the screen before time is up.

The first few levels are easy to complete, but the levels get harder as the player progresses. The game comes with different game modes for a variety of gameplay. On the game screen, players can check their score on the left panel of the main window. Players also get more points for combinations or for eliminating a large amount of eggs with one hit.

Here are the other features of the Eggsucker game:

• Game can be played by the entire family
• Provides hours of gameplay
• Has single player and two player modes
• Players can choose from a fast-paced game or a relaxed game