eFix (Proprietary)

eFix is a tool used for repairing problems in computer running on Windows. The application starts with conducting a preliminary scan to detect all of the errors in the computer’s operating system. After the scan, the application begins the repair process to remove the damaged files and reverses the damage. It does so by replacing the deleted and corrupted files with new and healthy Windows components and files that are available from the application’s online database. These files include registry keys, system files, and DLLs. The database contains over 35 million files and is regularly updated, providing users with improved, secure, and stable system performance.  

The key feature of eFix is its use of Reimage technology in scanning, diagnosing, and repairing damaged files and components of Windows operating systems. This tool detects hardware problems such as slow hard disk speed, poor CPU power management, and low disk memory. It can also detect malware including spyware, viruses, worms, crimeware, and malicious adware. When the scan is finished, users can review a summary of the detected errors and operating system problems. The scan results also show users what installed programs crash most, and how often it happens. Scanning is free but users have to purchase a license key in order to repair the detected problems and errors in the system.