EFILive 8.2.2

EFILive Limited (Shareware)

EFILive is a vehicle scanning and tuning package that is used by professional automobile repairers and motoring enthusiasts. This package enables users to diagnose faults using Dynamic Vehicle Testing or DVT controls. This package is composed of two utilities, namely the Scan Tool and the Tuning Tool.

The Scan Tool enables users to do the following:

• Log black box data without having to use a laptop – the scanning device lets users to integrate data directly to the logged data stream
• Control vehicle functions in real-time – users can control fuel pressure, turn cooling fans on or off, and conduct a cylinder power balance test
• Play back recorded log files
• View logged data – users can choose to display data using tables, charts, and even 3d surface maps, or on a virtual dashboard

The data generated from the scan will help users in evaluating vehicle performance and detecting drivability problems. The Scan Tool is integrated with the Tuning Tool, which receives the data on the problem areas. This tool highlights the calibration cells that show the problem area to aid users in diagnosing the vehicle. The Tuning Tool also lets users view tuning data in a 3D surface model or in tables and charts, making it easier for users to analyze vehicle performance.