EfficientPIM 3.52

Efficient Software (Shareware)

EfficientPIM is a personal information management (PIM) program developed by Efficient Software in 2009. Its main function to help users organize important info and events in their everyday lives. This application is ideal for keeping track of schedules, to-do lists, tasks, birthdays, contacts, appointments, and other events. It also allows the user to keep diaries, notes, and information such as passwords.

EfficientPIM is a comprehensive PIM software that helps users stay organized and efficient. It has a highly intuitive graphical user interface which makes it very easy for novice users to operate. It has a recycle bin feature which acts as a restore and back-up system in case there is PIM data that has been accidentally removed or deleted. Users are able to put up notes on the desktop to keep them reminded of the important things they need to remember day to day. The electronic diary of the software enables users to insert emotions, pictures, tables, and so on for a more interactive diary. The application includes a password manager to help users remember all of their passwords, as well as a powerful search capability to locate information fast. The software also has eight interface styles to choose from to fit the user’s needs.

EfficientPIM is available in 3 editions, namely Network Edition, Portable Edition, and Free Edition.