Infinity Ward, Inc. (Shareware)

EffectsEd is a graphics application designed by Infinity Ward, Inc. and used in a variety of gaming applications for desktops and laptops. This tool works in conjunction with the Jedi Academy software development kit. This application can be used by online gamers, developers, and even amateur PC users to create EFX files. EFX files are files that provide visual effects for games that usually involve weapons and numerous kinds of environments or landscapes.

With this tool, a visual effect file can be created from the different integrated effect segments. These include CameraShake, Cloud, Cylinder, Decal, Emmiter, Flash, FxRunner, Light, Line, OrientedParticle, Particle, and Tail. Cloud refers to particles. Cylinder is literally a cylinder shape object that allows users to modify the object’s dimension (height and radius). Decal refers to bullet impacts and marks, which can be used onto architectural designs. Emmiter is used for objects that are thrown out, such as explosions. Flash is used for viewing from and to a distance or for a closer look, and for various angles. FxRunner and Line are a stationary source to span other types of effects. Light is for lights and colors. OrientedParticle is used when a sprite faces any direction, and to produce smoke effects, while Particle is used when a sprite is facing a player.