EffectBuilder 1.0

Pixlock (Shareware)

Effect Builder AE is a tool designed to combine the utilities of Quartz Compositions on MacOS X and Adobe After Effects. This program was introduced in 2007 and its primary function is to create After Effects plug-ins by transforming hardware accelerated and complex Quartz Compositions. It is meant for professional users of graphics applications who intend to maximize the joint capabilities of After Effects by Adobe and Quartz Compositions by Apple.

The process may sound complicated, but users are provided with an intuitive interface such that no programming knowledge is required of them. Creating effects such has filters, transitions, and generators are facilitated by a toolbar that contains clearly labeled buttons intended to:

• Create categories and effects
• Assign QCs to effects
• Inserting new parameters to effects
• Building effects
The basic features of this flexible and time-conserving program are:

• All basic parameter types of Adobe After Effects are supported
• The plug-ins created can load external images
• Core Image enabled graphics renders hardware accelerated images (16 bit only)
• No need to restart After Effects in making modifications or compilations using Quartz Compositions

Users of Effect Builder AE are given the license to distribute the effects that they have created for commercial purposes. Product codes are and corresponding license codes are provided. A downloadable trial package provides a comprehensive tutorial and a sampling of the program’s capabilities.