EDuke32 is a mod port for the video game Duke Nukem 3D. Duke Nukem 3D is an action-themed, first-person shooter video game released in November 1996. Game mods or modifications are additional features incorporated in a video game. Video game Mods are developed either by the general public, which includes players and amateur game developers, or by the video game developers themselves. Mods are files that are incorporated in the video game main folder that allows users to play the game with customized maps, characters, weapons, music, or even whole levels. Video Game Mods are not included in the game’s original installation pack but may be acquired from fan sites and developer forums. EDuke32 helps users to develop game mods for Duke Nukem 3D for Windows and Linux platforms. With this application, users may also test their developed game mods whilst running the game. This feature allows users to fix and debug anomalies found during the test run of the game mod.

EDuke32’s interface appears similar to the actual game’s screen. The game screen displays the game environment along with other elements such as characters, weapons, and character stats. Users are allowed to run and test their mods at 3072 x 2304-screen resolution complete with accurate physics when performing game actions, particularly combat. The startup menu contains options that enable users to select the runtime video mode, select between the mouse and joystick as an input device, and browse for the mod file from a folder to run. EDuke32 is OpenGL-rendered and features cross-platform compatibility.