EdMax 3.14

Edcom Inc. (Shareware)

EdMax is an integrated email application that presents online mail in a layout similar to Windows Explorer. It is compact freeware that can handle multiple accounts simultaneously. It follows the MDI or Multiple Document Interface wherein every user account is designated a tab. Users can switch from one user account tab to another easily without losing data or closing another account due to the application's multiple-window support. Messaging functions and buttons found on the application window include: Address, New Message, Create, Delete, and Receipt. Other tabs include Reply, Send, Destination Check, and Appended.

EdMax comes with several distinct features that enable users to subscribe to certain online newsletters through an easy-to-navigate e-mail magazine list. The newsletter listing is called the Magma tool. It has a virtual manager referred to as the "e-mail newsletter manager" that sorts every entry according to certain parameters. The program's basic function distribution easily arranges contact details into one unified address book. The program's address book follows standard LDAP or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol configuration, and comes with Import and Search command options. EdMax supports uuencode, Base64, BinHex when sending and receiving mails and attachments. The program also comes with integrated Spelling Checker and PGP Encryption. Advanced features include: Sort, Filters, Backup, Move, and Data Search. Other features are Jump, Automatic Formatting, Macro, and Customization.