Grass Valley K.K. (Proprietary)

Edius is an application for non-linear editing of videos. Canopus Corporation developed this software until it was sold to Grass Valley in 2005. As a non-linear or flexible editing system, Edius allows the user to access a frame in a digital video clip without having to consider the order of the frames. Linear editing involves editing of frames in a sequential fashion. Using a cut-and-paste technique, the user can get any frame he chooses and edit it to include effects that are not possible with linear editing.

The software is capable of working with older types of laptop and desktop systems. It comes with a set of tools designed to accomplish real-time editing. Among the tools contained in Edius are ProDad, NewBlue Video Filters, iZotope VST audio plugins, AudioRestore, Audio Effects Suite, and AGC & Mastering Effects Suite. These make Edius useful to editing newsmagazine content, studio programs, broadcast news, and even documentary, corporate, and 4K theatrical presentations.

Edius can edit media content having different resolutions from 24x24 to 4Kx2K. It works with files that have 4K (4,000 pixel) resolution, 3D (Three-dimensional), HD (High Definition or at least 480 horizontal lines containing picture information), and SD (Standard Definition or 480 lines). With the application, the user can transcode or convert between these resolutions, frame rates, and aspect ratios in real time.