EditPad Pro 7.2.2

Just Great Software (Shareware)

EditPad Pro is a text editor that makes it easier for users to edit text files. The program supports batch editing, which makes it easier to work on several files all at the same time. The main window has a tabbed interface so that users can switch from file to file easily. The program’s File Navigator shows the file’s layout in detail. The program has several navigation schemes to make it easier to find specific words and phrases on the text file. In addition, users can download even more file navigation schemes from the application’s website. Other tools and features included in EditPad Pro are the following:

• Spell Checker – The program has a built-in spell checker that supports multiple languages. The Live Spelling feature can also be enabled so that mistakes are corrected as words are typed.
• Clip Collection – The Clip Collection is a set of phrases or snippets from the files that are often used. Users can save these phrases to the Clip Collection so they are readily available for copying and pasting on other files.
• Auto-Save and Auto-Backup – With the EditPad Pro application, several revisions of a single file can be saved. These versions can be compared to each other to track the changes made.
• URLs and Email Addresses – The URLs and email addresses that appear on the text files are automatically highlighted. Websites can be accessed by double-clicking on the address. Highlighting can be disabled, too.
• Supports All Text Files – EditPad Pro is capable of editing all text files.