EditPad Lite 7.23

Just Great Software (Freeware)

EditPad Lite is a general-purpose text editor program developed by Just Great Software. This application is used for editing any type of plain text file. The program offers several functions for editing text files. It supports batch processing, which enables users to edit multiple text files simultaneously. It also features tabbed windows allowing users to open multiple files on a single window and switch between projects.

The program features search-and-replace functions. These functions are used for finding a certain part of a file for editing. It can also be used to fold lines, highlight matches, and even skip over files and matches. The program also sports adaptive case options and regular expressions. These features are also used for searching certain terms and replacing them with another word or phrase.

Another feature offered by the program is the Clip Collection. This collection is used for storing a text snippets list. These text snippets can then be inserted to a file. It can also contain before and/or after parts that can be inserted around a chosen field. Auto-save and backup options are also available in this text editor. Users may choose to create multiple backups of a file. A File History is also available, which displays all the backup copies for a certain file. A comparison feature is available as well for comparing different backups.

Other EditPad Lite features include unlimited undo/redo, sorting functions, highlighting of URLs, special characters, and more.