Dirxion, LLC (Proprietary)

EdgeClix is an application used in creating digital catalogs and is developed and used by digital publishing company Dirxion. It is Flash-based, which makes output catalogs work the same way whether these are viewed online, offline, on USB thumbdrives, or distributed in a CD. The digital publishing application boasts of a fast speed that enables users to search and load catalog pages quickly. The pages are loaded in a full screen format, providing users with improved viewability.

With EdgeClix, users will be able to do the following:

• Show the product description when the end-user hovers over a product image – this is made possible by the program’s Polygon Linking Tool
• Create product rollovers – the rollovers are pop-up windows that are sized dynamically. These tools allow users to update the information about a product on the go, so that viewers will always have the updated product information at all times
• Hyperlinks – users can add URLs that prompt the installation of icons, which is useful for doing email campaigns
• Textured wallpaper – textured backgrounds add to the digital catalog’s visual appeal, and make it stand out.
• Animated landing pages – landing pages serve to welcome customers and make a statement. By animating landing pages (such as a home or welcome page), users will be able to engage more customers.