Adobe Systems, Incorporated (Proprietary)

Adobe Edge is web development software made for the purpose of allowing web designers to create content animation for Internet sites. The software is built using HTML 5 standards. It is also has a CSS3 and JavaScript functionality.

Edge's WebKit stage allows for the creation of original designs that makes it compatible with modern and new Internet browsers. Browsers often differ in how they display websites. Users have plenty of methods to "style" their webpages and can even test if they are compatible with browsers. The software's "timeline editor" can provide motion to multimedia files such as pictures and other graphics. The process of creating animation is also enhanced through keyframes and the "Pin" tool. This can accelerate the creation of animated graphics. Self-contained timelines can create structured animations. With the software's code editor, JavaScript codes can be added by the user.

Adobe Edge has editing and creation tools for texts and drawings. Text fonts are provided by TypeKit. Graphics such as pictures can also be imported from an external source. When the webpages are done, they can be published with several choices to make the HTML become SEO-friendly or provide a preloader that can particularize what part should be downloaded first.

Completed projects may be displayed in numerous devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Projects can also be imported.