Eden eternal


Eden Eternal, also called Finding Neverland Online, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game first released in 2011. The game features 15 different classes with three class types. There are also four classes to unlock – samurai, thief, blade dancer, and martial artist. Players must train their characters in different classes in order to unlock class levels and gain experience. Unlike other games, Eden Eternal allows the player to change classes during the course of the game, if all the classes have been unlocked.

In the game the player’s characters, also called the Crystal Child, is trapped in a blue crystal. The character has no recollection of the things that happened prior to being found. The aim of the game is to look for clues that will uncover the character’s story. NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) give the player quests to complete. Once completed, the character’s level increases. Completing quests is also a good way to progress through the game. Players can track all the available quests on the Quest Tracker window located at the right portion of the screen.

Eden Eternal’s main interface consists of the character interface, target interface, a minimap, the chat window, the menu, and hotkey bars. The game allows players to join battles and partake in duels. Players can also join guilds and territory wars.