Anthemion Software Ltd. (Shareware)

eCub is a program that is intended for the creation of MobiPocket books and EPUB, a popular e-book format. eCub outputs are readable on digital reads, mobile devices, and desktop computers eCub is developed by Anthemion Software Ltd.

The basic function of eCub is to create EPUB files, but it is also programmed to generate audio files with the use of text-to-speech utilities (e.g. eSpeak). This application is also useful in viewing and editing files. Files that are in EPUB are supported by a number of devices such as Adobe Digital Editions, Sony Reader, FBReader, Stanza, and MobiPocket. eCub caters to both basic (beginner level) and advanced users.

eCub is very easy to use because the design tool is simplification itself. There are readily available templates. With the help of a wizard the user can generate content plus a title page, cover page, and a table of contents. A whole project can be completed using this utility alone. The user only has to specify the title of the book the author, the name of the publisher, contributors, date of publication and description of contents. With one click, the user can check whether the EPUB generated is already working as intended.

eCub has a Portable version which is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. This program may be saved in a remote storage unit such as a USB flash drive