EclipseCrossword 1.2

Green Eclipse (Freeware)

EclipseCrossword is a simple application that allows users to create crossword puzzles easily. Users just need to provide the list of words to place in the crossword and the clues for each word. The application has a wizard interface that takes users through the steps in creating a crossword puzzle. The first option is to choose from a saved crossword puzzle or to create one from scratch.

Other main features of the EclipseCrossword program are the following:

• Simple and intuitive interface that is easy to use
• Can be used by teachers, students, parents, and webmasters
• Crossword puzzles can be printed out
• Crossword project can be exported as a text or HTML file
• Allows users to create several crossword puzzles in minutes

EclipseCrossword allows users to configure the program under the Options window, which is divided into five tabs – Crossword, Language, Printing, Web, and Advanced. Users have the option to increase the time the program spends in creating a puzzle. The longer the time is to make a puzzle, the better the chances of using up most of the words that were provided by the user on the list. The language of the application can be changed from the Options window as well.