Echo FireWire Console 5.7.6

Echo Digital Audi Corp. (Shareware)

Echo FireWire Console is a flexible solution for configuring multiple AudioFires. This utility is easy to use, nevertheless, when this program is used a set of rules need to be followed in order for the Audiofires to work well together. Echo FireWire Console is a tool used by people who require an audio and MIDI interface that is compact and effective.

Echo FireWire Console app has the following basic features:
• Stereo channel with adjustments for any DAW playback routed to the output pair
• Mixer tab is separate for every output pair
• Eight digital inputs
• Eight analogue inputs

The entire mixer of Echo FireWire Console appears complete on monitor screens. This utility works well in both Mac OS and Windows systems.

Echo FireWire Console is known as a reputable app for MIDI and audio interfaces. Its design defaults automatically to stereo. But the user can unlink this without difficulty if such is the preference. All the inputs of Echo FireWire Console are ready for low-latency cue mixing. There is a Settings page that allows the user of the program to switch digital mode, sample rates, and other parameters. This utility is equipped with a flash memory, which enables it to retain the last setting parameters used.