eCalc Calculator

Markus Muller (Freeware)

eCalc Calculator has a wide array of advanced features and an interesting and enticing user interface. This is a scientific calculator that has a multiline display that is intended to facilitate easy reading. The buttons are large as well and supports as many as six color themes.

This utility proves sufficient enough for the needs of scientific and engineering students and professionals. eCalc Calculator is specifically useful in the field of electrical engineering with the polar and rectangular formats that it offers.

One of the highlights of this program is the history function which allows the user to access previous numerical operations made before. This feature is similar to what is found in advanced hand-held scientific calculators. For access, users can scroll through the entries using the mouse. The alternative is to use the user-interface buttons.

eCalc Calculator is capable many different functions, including solving equations, complex number mathematics, algebraic support, RPN operating modes, and unit conversion. Aside from these, additional functions may be accessed via the side palette. Some of the possible operations on the side palette are equation solver for polynomial and linear equations, a library of constants, and unit conversion. These calculations may also be pushed into the main calculator for additional operations.