eBoostr 4.5 (Shareware)

eBoostr is an application that improves the computer’s performance with its smart caching feature. Users have the option to use a USB flash drive, SD/CF cards, or a disc drive for boosting the cache. Up to four devices can be used with the program simultaneously. With this, applications installed in the system can launch faster. It pre-caches data of the programs that are often used to prevent load delays. Whenever the system needs to read data or launch an application, eBoostr delivers it from the cache. Doing this can also prolong a laptop’s battery life. Users can control which programs to enhance with the eBoostr application. This can be set just by dragging and dropping items on the program’s window.

The eBoostr software comes with a benchmarking application. This application can be used in order to track the improvement on the system with the help of eBoostr. The program keeps a log of the statistics that the software caches. The built-in benchmarking application allows users to see how much faster the computer works with the eBoostr program. This application can be used by novice computer users as it comes with a wizard.

Here are more features of the eBoostr application:
iPod synchronization
SSD support
Accurate speed tests
Improved cache configuration
Use of hidden RAM