eBook Maestro Wizards 1.80

eBook Maestro (Bundled)

eBook Maestro Wizards is an application designed to help users create applications in the eBook Maestro program. It is a set of program wizards that guides users in the step-by-step process of creating eBooks, websites, and photo galleries out of HTML files. This application comes bundled with eBook Maestro and is also available for download as a standalone application. The three outputs this application helps users create are the following:

eBook – this application guides users in displaying their content in eBook format. The created eBook will be saved as a standalone executable file so end-users do not have to install any additional application to be able to view and read the eBook. The eBook may also be uploaded and published to a website and burned to a compact disc for distribution. Users can also configure their eBooks to require end-users to register for the activation code in order to make the eBook available for viewing.

Website – eBook Maestro Wizards also helps users create an application that can show a website or a group of websites in offline mode. Single-site displays have a browser and a control bar; multi-site displays have a left panel containing the list of sites included.

Gallery – users can create a gallery of their photos or product images for sharing. The images can be displayed in a slideshow presentation or as thumbnails.