eBook Maestro 1.80 (Shareware)

EBook Maestro is an application used for creating digital eBooks and digital presentations. To use the program, the user first specifies a file name for the eBook being created and also the author's name. Other meta properties can also be specified, such as copyright strings, reviews, and contact email. The user also indicates the output folder where the eBook can be saved. The eBook can also be assigned a default icon by which it can be recognized.

The eBook composed using eBook Maestro can be configured and customized in a number of ways. The eBook’s font type, size, and color can be formatted according to preference. Dedicated buttons for enlarging and minimizing the eBook can also be supplied. The height and width of the eBook can be specified. The user can also choose to make the eBook resizable. In this way, the reader can freely drag the sides of the eBook's window until the viewing panel is of the desired size.

A creator can protect his eBook’s content from being copied by disabling the copy function. On the other hand, if a creator would like readers to quote from the book freely by copying and pasting quotations, he can enable the copy function. Other features of the software include the ability to protect it with a password.