EasyWorship Presentation Software 2009

Softouch Development, Inc. (Shareware)

The Easy Worship Presentation software is a program which allows users to create presentations which are suited to the worship messages they want to spread. It is comprised of a collection of bibles, videos, lyrics, powerpoints, audios, and web functionalities that are needed to create a holistic worship presentation.  To create a worship presentation, users have to normally get a number of sources to get each of the needed elements. Users will check several bible versions to check for consistency on the interpretation of the message. They will look into several websites to download music and videos which are suited to the message as well. They can also search other sources for inspiring stories which they can use to support the presentation. They can then consolidate all these elements and then arrange it through a powerpoint presentation. The powerpoint presentation will have effects, transitions and other animation to add focus to important points.  These steps are the ones which the software is trying to simplify.

Other key features of Easy Workship Presentation software include the following:
• PowerPoint® Integration – This feature allows the user to control animations in MS Powerpoint using the software.
• SongSelect Lyric Service Integration – This feature eliminates the need to use other sources to search for lyrics of a worship song. Users can login to their SongSelect account within the software and then search for the needed songs which will be automatically saved to their library.
• Multimedia libraries – This features allows users to manage their collection of bibles, media, songs, audio, dvd, and feeds.
• Web Integration – This feature allows the user to access the Internet and present videos posted on Youtube or any other website.