EasyWeather Application

MU Software (Freeware)

EasyWeather Application is intended to provide remote displays of meteorological information to users. The data is displayed on any computer the runs on Windows systems. This app provides accurate weather service that is location based. The current conditions can be directly accessed without delay. A three-day forecast is usually provided by the ProWeatherStation.

EasyWeather Application may have many different functions however it is easy to use. This feature-rich tool grants the user a number of different information at any given moment. EasyWeather Application has the following functionalities:
• Allows the user to set alarms
• Has ways by which to configure ways by which information is presented using visual charts
• Clear-cut and straightforward layout
• Variety of units of measure available for rainfall, wind speed, and pressure

It is important to remember that this highly configurable EasyWeather app can be used once the USB cable connection with ProWeatherStation is established.

EasyWeather Application allows the user to set-up alarms for certain weather conditions and modify settings for both indoor and outdoor temperature, and there are available data logging options as well. The History Data menu also allows for the storage of information on weather conditions. The EasyWeather Application by MU Software presents either 2D or 3D display, which assists the user understanding relevant weather statistics.