Easy Trace Group (Proprietary)

EasyTrace is an application that enables users to do convert raster images into vector format. It is compatible with design- and graphics-based programs such as AutoCAD, MapInfo, and ArcGIS. It works not only as a digitization program but also as a vector data modification tool. This application has a simple user interface that makes it easy to use even for beginners. It is able to process images and extract vector data at high speed, contributing to added productivity.

EasyTrace contains the following features:

• Error detection – this vector-based application is equipped with tools to detect and correct topological errors.
• Attribute assignment – this application ensure that output data are well-prepared and assists users in assigning and validating attributes. In addition, users can also modify multilayer coordinated structures, digitize, and modify polygonal coverages. This feature enables users to transform and optimize vector data.
• Handle large areas – this application makes use of complex and refined algorithms to keep vector data in their proper order, allowing users to create a topographic map of an area of any size
• Image preprocessing – users can apply automatic digitization processes to different raster data and source images, saving on time and resources.
• Tool customization – users can adjust the settings of the program’s tools to make these more suited to their requirements.