Numerical Control Design (Proprietary)

EasySIGN32 is a graphic application software developed by Numerical Control Design. The program is an all-in-one solution for creating graphic signs. It contains the whole designing process tree including Designing, Plotting, Routing, Printing, and Production. The program features integrated design templates for creating sign designs. Users may also opt to create designs from scratch.

EasySIGN32 features a variety of graphic design tools. It comes with an Object Manager tool that enables users to see every step of the design process, and allowing the users to return to any of the step for more tweaks. It features a reliable workflow view from which any design change in earlier steps can be reflected on subsequent design versions. The program also features a magic wand tool and a text merging tool.  It also comes with color separated output support, third party RIP support, and Click and Cut capability. Among other graphic tools are Block Nesting tool, Multiply tool, Paneling tool, and Weedborders. The program also features Binarization and real Bitmap Sizing. It offers Cropmark effect—an effect that results in similar objects being grouped together. Applying the effect to one results in it being applied to the whole group.  

EasySIGN32 output support includes email output via Outlook, as well as PDF output. The Advanced Export Support also comes with EPS, IA, and PDF filter.