EasyScan 1.13

Micromega Software System (Freeware)

EasyScan is an all-inclusive application used for obtaining images from any Twain version 1.6 or higher compatible scanner. Its primary objective is to provide a way of connecting to a scanner by using one standard interface, without the need for specific software for each hardware type. The application provides support for most flatbed scanners and is supplied with tools that make it possible for users to edit the output ahead of saving it on the computer.  

The main interface is uncomplicated. It contains necessary commands and options, such as picking the image type, fine-tuning the degrees of brightness and the contrast, the scanner’s horizontal and vertical resolution, as well as the output width and height. To make the user's work convenient, it is possible to employ design styles that include a list of user-defined boundaries. This permits the user to easily choose preferred setting/s.

Images and drawings can be scanned, whether they come in black-and-white, gray-scale, or in multiple shades of colors. A separate window displays a preview of the acquired image, which can be zoomed in on any given area. EasyScan is equipped with defined filters, effects, and editing tools that users can apply to the image. Borders, emboss, focus, blur, and detail enhancement features give the user more editing options. After editing the image, it can be saved for later use.