EasyPHP 5.4.6

EasyPHP (Open Source)

EasyPHP is a Windows software bundle that enables MySQL and PHP development on a computer. It was first launched in 1999. This application installs the required web server services onto the computer and provides MySQL and PHP development on a localhost. This software bundle includes a MySQL database, an Apache server and PHP scripting language. The program’s administration page gives users to perform different action such as add/remove alias, change Apache port, list down docroot, upload maximum filesize and more. The program can be deployed either on a USB driver or on a computer.

EasyPHP’s capabilities can be extended using modules. These modules are automatically installed in the program’s “Modules” folder. Available modules include Development Tools (e.g. PhpMyAdmin, Virtual Hosts Manager, Xdebug Manager, Coding Standards for EasyPHP, etc…), Blog/CMS (e.g. Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla!, etc…), Forum/Message Board (Phorum and phpBB) and Ecommerce (PrestaShop). EasyPHP also features the WampServer, a Windows web development platform, used for creating dynamic web programs. Installing different PHP versions is also possible with the program’s Components Management features. There’s also PHP Version Management and PHP Configuration Manager, which are both used for managing PHP versions and other PHP related functions.

Other features available in EasyPHP include the following:
• Auto-detect available port
• Auto-detect install profile
• Alias Manager
• Apache Configuration Manager
• MySQL Configuration Manager and more