Easypano Tourweaver

Easypano Holdings Inc. (Shareware)

Easypano Tourweaver is an application primarily used for creating virtual tours. These virtual tours are made with the Flash animation platform. Tourweaver allows 360-degree viewing within said tours.  The program supports 3D objects. This means everything in the tour is displayed in panoramic 3D, and can be interactive. This program is easy to use, even for users who do not have graphic design experience.

Users who create tours can add hotspots anywhere within. These hotspots is where the user can link panorama images, audio, videos, still images or a link to a different tour. After the tour is created, it can be saved in various formats, including Flash and HTML 5 (another Web programming language) for storage and transfer. Tours can display and playback the following:

• Spherical and cylindrical panoramas
• Still images
• Music and sound effects
• Text
• Slideshows

Videos can also be incorporated into the tour, as well as maps from either Google or Bing. Within the maps viewed via this application, users are oriented by a compass. Pop-up windows may be set to display when a viewer clicks on an object within the tour. These pop-ups can then show additional information regarding the particular object.