easyMule (Open Source)

easyMule is an open-source P2P or peer-to-peer application that enables users within the network to search for, share, and download files online. It is the improved version of the original P2P network called eMule, which enabled users to share large files online safely and easily. One of the improvements done on the new application is its use of multipoint transfers to generate faster download speed while using less system resources. In addition to ed2k protocol used by most peer-to-peer networks, this application also has support for FTP and HTTP download protocols, adding to its efficiency.

The graphical user interface of this application has been enhanced, making it eye-catching and so much easier to use, especially for those who are trying out P2P sharing for the first time. Novice users will not find it difficult to select the files they would like to share from their computers, search for other files from other users in the P2P network, and select files for downloading because of the easy-to-follow instructions. The downloaded files are stored in a separate folder in the user’s computer, making these easy to locate.

easyMule lets users play files while these are being downloaded, so users can immediately check whether the files they are downloading are correct and not corrupted. A safety disk buffer protects the hard drive from malicious files.