EasyIconMaker Application 5.0 (Shareware)

EasyIconMaker is an application used for creating icons. It can also be used for editing existing icon sets. The program comes with a built-in editor that consists of tools and commands for creating icons. The program’s interface is simple and intuitive. The basic command buttons are found on the upper portion of the window (open, save, new, undo, redo, and many others). Other tools for editing icons can be found on the left panel of the main window. Some of these tools include the eraser, eyedropper, text, paint, and shapes.

The application supports icons in different formats, such as GIF, JPG, or BMP. Users may also extract icons from DLL or EXE files. EasyIconMaker also comes with several filters for changing the appearance of icons. Some of these filters include emboss, blur, darken, soften, lighten, and many others.

EasyIconMaker comes with four icon tools. They are:

• Icon Explorer – The icon explorer allows users to search for all the icons that are present in the system.
• Icon Extractor – This tool extracts icons from different application files.
• Icon Searcher – The icon searcher looks for all the icons that are associated with files that are on the computer.
• Icon Changer – This tool allows users to change the icons for applications installed in the computer.