EasyGPS 4.79

TopoGrafix (Freeware)

EasyGPS is a free-to-use GPS waypoint and route manager for beginners and occasional GPS users. It is an easy way to download and upload tracks, waypoints, and routes between a user’s Lowrance, Magellan, or Garmin GPS device and the user’s computer. The GPS device lists waypoints on the left portion of the screen while it shows on the right portion a plot of the user’s GPS data. EasyGPS can be utilized to organize GPS data and back up that data so as to print out maps and download onto the device new waypoints for any upcoming geocaching trip or long hike.

The main features of the program enable the user to create, edit, and transfer waypoints or routes from any GPS device to one’s computer. It simplifies the management of routes and waypoints and displays them as lists sorted in the order of names, elevation, and even distance. EasyGPS connects users’ GPS devices to various mapping and info sites, allowing for one-click access to topography and street maps, driving directions, weather forecasts, aerial photos and nearby attractions. Being a part of the TopoGrafix line of outdoor products, users can share GPS data with other EasyGPS users as well as ExpertGPS and PanTerra users the world over.